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words with soft g and c hard g vs soft g hard and soft g and c soft c and g worksheets soft c and g anchor chart soft c and g rules word list words with soft c and g

Explicit Phonics Instruction: Words With Soft C and G

Teaching phonics is an essential part of literacy instruction and it doesn’t have to be boring. Mastering words with soft c and g can sometimes be super tricky for young readers and writers. Let’s explore teaching hard and soft g and c words in phonics using explicit teaching, also called

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writing strategies writing anchor charts writing bulletin board

39 Writing Anchor Charts For Upper Elementary

Anchor charts are powerful instructional tools! Teachers love writing anchor charts because they can really enhance the writing experience for students by providing reminders and a supportive framework during instruction. They are colorful, engaging and always ready to save the day for struggling students! These visual aids often turn the

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student rewards that dont cost money student rewards ideas classroom rewards ideas behavior management strategies classroom management ideas class rewards ideas student reward system

Student Rewards That Don’t Money

Are you looking for a way to promote positive student behavior and great attitudes in your elementary classroom? Today I’m sharing a fantastic strategy for rewarding students without breaking the bank! Teachers know the importance of fostering a positive learning environment, and one way to achieve that is through the

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struggling math students struggling in math learners interventions helping struggling students with math

How To Help Students Struggling in Math

A lot of teachers have asked me how they can help their students struggling in math. We know that math can be an intimidating subject for many students. There has always been a wide range of abilities in a classroom. Since COVID, it seems like the range is even wider.

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encourage your students with classroom decor

Are your students needing a bit of encouragement? These positive affirmations may be just what you need. Simply print and laminate them for long term classroom use. 

Sunflower Posters