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Creating a Cozy Classroom: Cow Print Classroom Decorations for a Warm and Welcoming Environment

cow print decor highland cow decorations farmhouse classroom decor cowboy classroom theme farm themed classroom decorations Cow print stuff cow print aesthetic classroom theme ideas classroom decor ideas theme transformation before and after makeover

Do you love highland cow decorations and functional classroom decor? As a teacher, you understand the importance of creating a classroom environment that fosters learning, creativity, and a sense of belonging. One way to achieve this is through thoughtful and customized classroom decorations. Cow print classroom decorations, with their neutral colors and charming patterns, can […]

The Ultimate Confetti Rainbow Classroom Decor Pack: Printable Classroom Decor Theme

confetti rainbow classroom decor decorations, confetti bulletin board ideas

Hello, fellow educators and creative classroom enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving headfirst into a world of color, customization, and pure classroom magic. Get ready to explore the wonder of our Confetti Rainbow Classroom Decor Pack—a game-changer that will transform your space into an inviting, welcoming, learning space. Why Go with Confetti Rainbow Classroom Decor? Let’s talk […]

Surprising Ways Calendar Math Routine is Important

classroom calendar calendar math calendar bulletin board ideas morning calendar routine calendar time

I think we can all agree that having a morning routine in our classroom is a perfect way to begin the day in elementary. My morning routine always begins with our calendar bulletin board for calendar math!  I have to tell you, I never expected calendar time to be one of my favorite times of […]

Why You Need a Daily Visual Schedule in Your Classroom

daily visual schedule ideas how do I make printable daily visual schedule for school kids daily visual schedule template

The beginning of the year is a great time to think about setting up your classroom for success. Many teachers are looking for ways to boost their classroom management for smooth routines and procedures. Classroom daily visual schedules are great for helping students understand how their day will flow.  What is a daily visual schedule? […]

7 Powerful Classroom Management Tips for Surviving Winter Holidays as a Teacher

Winter math activities Christmas math worksheets winter holiday math worksheets classroom party activities classroom management strategies

The few weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter break are always CrAzY in elementary classrooms. Am I right?!? And as soon as the calendar flips to December, teachers know it’s next to impossible to get your students to focus in class! How can I keep my students learning during the winter holidays? What keeps students engaged […]

6 Essential Tips for How to Setup Math Rotations

math rotations math learning centers math centers math stations math workshop model math center games ideas

How to Setup Math Rotations for Success What does your school call them? Math workshop, math stations, math centers, math rotations? And how do centers work in math anyway? Whatever you call them math centers can be powerful teaching tools in your classroom. I can hear the dreaded sighs now! As elementary teachers, we know […]