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The Ultimate Confetti Rainbow Classroom Decor Pack: Printable Classroom Decor Theme

confetti rainbow classroom decor decorations, confetti bulletin board ideas

Hello, fellow educators and creative classroom enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving headfirst into a world of color, customization, and pure classroom magic. Get ready to explore the wonder of our Confetti Rainbow Classroom Decor Pack—a game-changer that will transform your space into an inviting, welcoming, learning space. Why Go with Confetti Rainbow Classroom Decor? Let’s talk […]

How to Teach Words with Silent Letters

Words with silent letters silent letters in words silent letter worksheets list of words with silent letters wr gn kn mb

Are you teaching silent letters kn, wr, gn and mb? Silent letters words can be tricky for students but important for developing strong reading and spelling skills. And it’s no surprise that research shows explicit phonics instruction for the sounds that letters and letter combinations make is the best approach in teaching students about silent […]

How to Teach Adding and Subtracting with Decimals

add and subtract with decimals adding and subtracting decimals how to add a decimal worksheet for adding and subtracting decimals

This week I am introducing how to subtract and add decimals! We’ve spent quite a bit of time on decimal place value. Teaching elementary students to add and subtract decimals can be a challenge, but it’s an important skill for them to learn. In this blog post, I am sharing a few tips that might […]

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

rainbow classroom theme rainbow classroom decor rainbow classroom decorations

Rainbow Classroom Theme: The Perfect Way To Add Color and Joy to Your Teaching Space! If you’re looking for a fun classroom theme idea for 2023, keep reading! Decorating a classroom with a rainbow theme can be a fun and easy way to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Rainbow classroom decor is truly timeless […]

The Best Tips for Teaching Narrative Writing in Upper Elementary 

what narrative writing narrative writing examples narrative writing anchor chart graphic organizers transition words topics rubric narrative writing teaching how to teach writing a narrative teaching narrative writing creative stories narrative writing mentor texts checklists

Teaching writing can be overwhelming! Narrative writing is an important skill that can be difficult for upper elementary students to master. Storytelling comes naturally to some of our students, but some of our students find narrative writing and storytelling very difficult. But with the right strategies and a little creativity, you can help all of […]

7 Powerful Classroom Management Tips for Surviving Winter Holidays as a Teacher

Winter math activities Christmas math worksheets winter holiday math worksheets classroom party activities classroom management strategies

The few weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter break are always CrAzY in elementary classrooms. Am I right?!? And as soon as the calendar flips to December, teachers know it’s next to impossible to get your students to focus in class! How can I keep my students learning during the winter holidays? What keeps students engaged […]

How to Help Your Students Solve Two Step Story Problems In Elementary Math

two step word problems story problems math strategies to solve multi step story problems addition subtraction multiplication division

Two step story problems can be so tricky to master, but they are so important. In fact, they are honestly they are probably the most real world math problems your students will encounter in school. Now add in multiple steps and you’ve just created a kids worst nightmare! Many students just look for the numbers […]

How To Teach Dialogue Punctuation in Writing

punctuating dialogue in a sentence dialogue in a story how to punctuate dialogue narrative writing how to use quotation marks punctuating dialogue examples for students dialogue rules in writing anchor chart

How to teach punctuating dialogue to students with examples and anchor charts! Simply explain the rules of dialogue and quotation marks to your students with a little help from this blog post!

Setting Good Classroom Rules and Expectations- How To Make Meaningful Classroom Rules

good classroom rules for elementary examples classroom rules for kids classroom rules posters

Setting good classroom rules and expectations is one of the most important objectives in elementary school. Rules are different from classroom routines and procedures. Classroom rules define what will and will not be taking place in your learning space. Coming up with the perfect set of rules can be a challenge! This blog post will […]

Teaching Line Plots in Math for 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade?

line plots fractions line plots worksheets pdf line plots in math 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade Line plots fractions line plots anchor charts graphing anchor charts math anchor charts

If you are teaching graphing or line plots in math, I am sure you’re familiar with the struggle to find engaging and fun ways to help students read and create the dreaded line plot graph! It’s no secret that analyzing and interpreting data can be tricky for kids in 3rd, 4th & 5th grade. Line […]