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How to Teach Words with Silent Letters

Words with silent letters silent letters in words silent letter worksheets list of words with silent letters wr gn kn mb

Are you teaching silent letters kn, wr, gn and mb? Silent letters words can be tricky for students but important for developing strong reading and spelling skills. And it’s no surprise that research shows explicit phonics instruction for the sounds that letters and letter combinations make is the best approach in teaching students about silent […]

How I Teach and Assess Reading Fluency for BIG KIDS in Upper Elementary

reading fluency techniques reading fluency iep goals reading fluency activities reading fluency chart reading fluency interventions sight word reading fluency

As a teacher, my ultimate goal for students is to enjoy reading and feel confident picking out books to read in their free time. There are many elements to growing successful independent readers, but oral reading fluency is SO IMPORTANT for so many reasons! In this blog post, I will share with you how I […]