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Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

contraction words contractions grammar contractions in writing contraction grammar rules

Are you teaching contraction words? Teaching contractions in grammar can be an adventure with the right teaching tools for you and hands on experience for your students to practice making and breaking contractions. What are contractions in grammar? A contraction word is when two words that usually go together are shortened in form and put […]

39 Writing Anchor Charts For Upper Elementary

writing strategies writing anchor charts writing bulletin board

Anchor charts are powerful instructional tools! Teachers love writing anchor charts because they can really enhance the writing experience for students by providing reminders and a supportive framework during instruction. They are colorful, engaging and always ready to save the day for struggling students! These visual aids often turn the daunting writing process into an […]

Show Don’t Tell in Writing Plus Free Writing Anchor Charts

show not tell examples show don't tell emotions examples how to show not tell in writing anchor charts free show dont tell writing charts

Teaching writing in elementary is pretty complex because there are so many strategies to teach! My students often struggle with writing boring sentences. So I really focus my energy on mini lessons to help them make their writing more interesting. Today on the blog let’s talk about how to teach students the writing strategy Show […]

The Best Tips for Teaching Narrative Writing in Upper Elementary 

what narrative writing narrative writing examples narrative writing anchor chart graphic organizers transition words topics rubric narrative writing teaching how to teach writing a narrative teaching narrative writing creative stories narrative writing mentor texts checklists

Teaching writing can be overwhelming! Narrative writing is an important skill that can be difficult for upper elementary students to master. Storytelling comes naturally to some of our students, but some of our students find narrative writing and storytelling very difficult. But with the right strategies and a little creativity, you can help all of […]

How To Teach Dialogue Punctuation in Writing

punctuating dialogue in a sentence dialogue in a story how to punctuate dialogue narrative writing how to use quotation marks punctuating dialogue examples for students dialogue rules in writing anchor chart

How to teach punctuating dialogue to students with examples and anchor charts! Simply explain the rules of dialogue and quotation marks to your students with a little help from this blog post!

How To Teach Descriptive Writing Sensory Language In Elementary

expanding sentences sensory language writing with imagery stretching sentences teaching narrative writing sensory details anchor chart descriptive writing how to teach narrative writing elaboration anchor charts writing prompts

Teaching students how to write descriptively or to write with imagery is SO important, and can be SO overwhelming! Descriptive writing isn’t just for narrative writing. Using descriptive writing can empower students with new strategies and help them to enjoy writing by letting their creativity flow and capturing their audience’s attention. If your students are […]

Amazing Writing Activities to Teach Writing in Elementary

writing activities elementary stretching sentences adding details descriptive writing elaboration sensory details sensory language expanding sentences activity

I love teaching writing! It’s my favorite thing. I love watching students light up with ideas as they do writing activities in class. I love having students leave my room confident in their ability to write and embrace the process. But, let’s be honest here. It takes some kids a long time to get confident […]