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6+ FREE Resources Every Teacher Would Love

Welcome to my Free Resources page for classroom teachers and homeschooling families! Below, you’ll find a growing collection of free resources. With each one, you can click the button, add your name and email to my list, and I’ll forward the resource to your inbox. I look forward to sharing with you through my Differentiation Corner newsletter. 

Graphing FREEBIE

Graphing with Google Slides TM

Graphing activities are so much fun, and kids learn so much about each other and what’s around them by exploring data collection and graphing. Plus. these done for you lessons make a great introduction. Grab your copy with the link below.

Multiplication Boom Cards

Multiplication Boom Cards

Kids need lots of practice with learning multiplication facts, and Boom Cards provide a fun way to do just that. You will need to get a free account with Boom Learning to be able to use them, but you can use the Fast Play link on your Smartboard with either learning partners or with your whole class.

Cactus Decor

Cactus Decor for the classroom

Do you like to spotlight your content area work? These pennant banners are perfect for hanging above your kids work or above anchor charts used for your instruction. Simply print, cut out, and hang.

Sunflower posters

Sunflower positive affirmation posters

Kids need lots of positive affirmations, and these bright and uplifting posters are perfect for placing in strategic places; near the pencil sharpener, by the door, near the water fountain, etc. Your kids just may feel uplifted after reading them. 


I would love for you to follow my Differentiation Corner site and newsletter. I will alert you when new posts appear on the blog. I will also send subscribers exclusive free resources periodically as well. I look forward to connecting with you! 

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