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10 Reasons I Love Using Boom Cards in My Classroom

Have you tried Boom Cards in your classroom yet? I can’t believe I waited so long to try them! I am so excited to tell you about them! I can’t live without them now. Okay, that was a little dramatic. Seriously though, Boom Cards have really upped my teaching game this school year. In this blog post, I will tell you some of the benefits of using Boom Cards and why you should use them, too! Keep reading to try one of my favorite sets for free!

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are interactive digital task cards hosted online at They are self-checking allowing students to receive immediate feedback and giving teachers data to guide instruction. Teachers can get premade cards or even make their own. Boom Cards come in sets or groups of cards called decks.


  1. They’re digital! I don’t have to stand in line at the printer or laminator! Boom Cards are paperless, so there’s no prep time!  More time for me = big win! 
  2. Boom Cards are self-checking and give students immediate feedback about their attempts to answer. Students also get opportunities to fix mistakes. Just as if a teacher were sitting right there to help them practice! They can also skip a card and go to the next one if they get really stuck.
  3. Boom Cards are interactive and engaging and fun! One question is displayed at a time on a colorful card. There are a variety of ways students can answer: drag and drop, multiple choice, or type it in. So much better than a boring old worksheet!
  4. Differentiation is SO much easier with BOOM Cards! I can assign different decks to different groups of students depending on their learning needs. 
  5. The site gives teachers data and reports showing where students are doing well and where they need reteaching. When they know that I look at their scores, it really motivates them to do their best.  To see the reports, you will need any level paid membership after your free 90 day trail. 
  6. Boom Cards are easy to use with Google Classroom, SeeSaw and other educational apps or websites your school might use. You will only need to be able to share a link to assign or share Boom Cards with your students. 
  7. Need something for sub plans? BOOM Cards are the answer! You can assign them right from home with just a few clicks and students and you are providing meaningful learning experiences!
  8. They’re so versatile! Students can use them independently. I have used them in small groups and in partners. They work well for whole group teaching when projected on interactive whiteboards! Need something for graphs, angles or decimals? How about quotation marks in dialogue, compound words or sentence editing? 
  9. All the free options! There are so many free decks to choose from! And any decks in your library can be used with the FastPlay option. FastPlay doesn’t track student progress. Grab my FREE Multiplication BOOM Cards here!
  10. Boom Cards are reusable. Once a deck is in your library, it is yours to use again and again, year after year!
10 Reasons I Love Using Boom Cards in My Classroom

Click on the picture to watch 3 Boom Cards decks in action!

Bonus Reason I Love Boom Cards:

  1. Boom Learning has an extensive library of videos on their YouTube channel to help with any issue that you might run across!  I have browsed through the videos to just get ideas of what other teachers are doing with Boom Cards and how else I could use them in my classroom.
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I know after you start using them, you and your students will be hooked! Ready to jump in and give it a try? Click here to create your account. You will get a free trial, and I get points to purchase decks if you sign up with my link. It’s a win-win!

10 Reasons I Love Using Boom Cards in My Classroom

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