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Mushroom Classroom Decor: A Retro Classroom Decor with a Touch of Nostalgia

retro classroom decor mushroom classroom decor Merry Mushroom groovy classroom mushroom desk decor retro groovy classroom decor

I have been so excited to create this retro classroom decor! I love all things nostalgic and reminiscent of my childhood. I remember falling in love with these Merry Mushroom canisters in my aunt’s kitchen when I was a kid. Those canisters are long gone, but I finally got my hands on a set for […]

Master Classroom Organization with Classroom Binder Storage

binder organization ideas binder organization system teacher binder organization classroom binder storage classroom binders

One thing that is consistent about teaching, no matter what grade or subject matter. Keeping your classroom organized is the key to feeling prepared and ready to tackle whatever comes up in the wild world of teaching. One powerful way I’ve discovered to keep my room organized and tidy is to use classroom binder storage. […]

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

contraction words contractions grammar contractions in writing contraction grammar rules

Are you teaching contraction words? Teaching contractions in grammar can be an adventure with the right teaching tools for you and hands on experience for your students to practice making and breaking contractions. What are contractions in grammar? A contraction word is when two words that usually go together are shortened in form and put […]

The Shun Suffixes: Mastering Suffix Tion Sion Words & Cian, Too!

tion suffix meaning tion words suffix tion suffix words suffix tion sion worksheet tion sion words

Teaching these tricky suffixes can be challenging because they all sound the same! These shun suffixes play an important role in expanding vocabulary and understanding how the English language works. Suffix tion sion words can be the worst, and then throw in the cian spelling, too! Kids are sure to be confused. I teach all […]

Neutral Classroom Decor for an Earthy Calm Classroom

neutral classroom decor bundle earthy calm classroom decor calming zen classroom decor calming classroom decor neutral classroom theme

As teachers, we know that having a well decorated classroom can really impact the overall learning experience and moods of ourselves and our students. But how do you choose the best classroom theme?This earthy calm classroom decor can create a conducive learning environment that is comfortable for you and your students. Keep reading to see […]

Voice Level Charts for a Calm Classroom

voice level chart noise level voice level classroom noise level classroom voice level in classroom noise level poster voice level lights for classroom

Does your class talk non stop? Want to help your chatty class that won’t stop talking stay focused? Along with creating some good classoom rules and expectations, using a voice level chart has really helped me create a positive learning environment. I had to teach each section of the voice level chart explicitly for it […]

Explicit Phonics Instruction: Words With Soft C and G

words with soft g and c hard g vs soft g hard and soft g and c soft c and g worksheets soft c and g anchor chart soft c and g rules word list words with soft c and g

Teaching phonics is an essential part of literacy instruction and it doesn’t have to be boring. Mastering words with soft c and g can sometimes be super tricky for young readers and writers. Let’s explore teaching hard and soft g and c words in phonics using explicit teaching, also called explicit instruction. These teaching materials […]

39 Writing Anchor Charts For Upper Elementary

writing strategies writing anchor charts writing bulletin board

Anchor charts are powerful instructional tools! Teachers love writing anchor charts because they can really enhance the writing experience for students by providing reminders and a supportive framework during instruction. They are colorful, engaging and always ready to save the day for struggling students! These visual aids often turn the daunting writing process into an […]

Student Rewards That Don’t Money

student rewards that dont cost money student rewards ideas classroom rewards ideas behavior management strategies classroom management ideas class rewards ideas student reward system

Are you looking for a way to promote positive student behavior and great attitudes in your elementary classroom? Today I’m sharing a fantastic strategy for rewarding students without breaking the bank! Teachers know the importance of fostering a positive learning environment, and one way to achieve that is through the use of student reward coupons. […]

Creating a Cozy Classroom: Cow Print Classroom Decorations for a Warm and Welcoming Environment

cow print decor highland cow decorations farmhouse classroom decor cowboy classroom theme farm themed classroom decorations Cow print stuff cow print aesthetic classroom theme ideas classroom decor ideas theme transformation before and after makeover

Do you love highland cow decorations and functional classroom decor? As a teacher, you understand the importance of creating a classroom environment that fosters learning, creativity, and a sense of belonging. One way to achieve this is through thoughtful and customized classroom decorations. Cow print classroom decorations, with their neutral colors and charming patterns, can […]