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Create a Calming Classroom with Nature Classroom Decorations

calming classroom theme nature classroom decorations nature classroom theme mountain classroom decor forest classroom decor free nature classroom decor

As a new school year approaches, I’ve been thinking about ways to create a calming classroom for my students. After a lot of brainstorming and some good ole internet research, I found the perfect classroom theme: Nature! Keep reading for your FREE Nature Classroom Decor! Nature classroom decorations are the perfect way to bring peace […]

The Power of Classroom Labels for Organization

The Power of Classroom Labels for Organization

Have you ever walked into your classroom and felt like you just stepped into a scene from a disaster movie? Papers piled high and supplies strewn about the room? You’re definitely not alone. As teachers, we face the challenge of maintaining order in an environment that’s inherently chaotic! Here’s a little secret: the key to […]

Black and White Classroom Decor

black and white classroom decor black and white classroom decorations classroom black and white classroom decor theme ideas polka dot classroom decor theme

If you’re looking for a classic and easy to maintain classroom decor theme, black and white classroom decorations just might be for you! This is a classic color scheme so it will never go out of style, plus it’s a dream to match classroom supplies! Why Choose Black and White Classroom Decor? First things first: […]

Teaching Floss Rule Words in Phonics

floss rule words double consonants floss rule poster floss rule anchor chart floss rule worksheet bonus letters bonus letter words double last consonant

Have you ever wondered why some words like fluff, buzz, kiss, or pill have double consonants at the end while others don’t? These words follow the “Floss Rule.” In this blog post, we’ll talk about some things I’ve learned about teaching floss rule words in my 19 years of being in the classroom. What’s the […]

A Teacher’s Guide to GE and DGE Words

dge words ending ge and dge words ge dge words worksheets dge words with pictures dge and ge worksheets

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head over why words like judge and bridge seem to break all the spelling rules, this blog post might be for you! Time to break down this pesky spelling rule once and for all. Let’s understand the rule itself. GE and DGE words have a “j” sound at […]

Creating the Perfect Custom Teacher Planner

custom teacher planner best teacher planner 24 24 printable teacher planner teacher planner books

No two classrooms are alike, and neither are our teaching styles or organizational needs! That’s why having a custom teacher planner is like having a personal assistant by your side helping you navigate through lesson plans, parent communication, grading, and student data. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can create the perfect custom […]

Black and Gold Classroom Theme Decor

black and gold classroom theme harry potter classroom harry potter class room hollywood theme classroom door decorations black and gold classroom decorations hollywood classroom

Are you ready to take your classroom from drab to fab this year? Say goodbye to the traditional black and white classroom decor and add a touch of Hollywood glamour or a sprinkle of Hogwarts magic. This black and gold classroom theme will set the stage for a fun learning environment with rich black backgrounds […]

Everything You need to Know About the Teacher Toolbox Trend

teacher toolbox teacher toolkit DIY teacher toolbox labels best teacher toolbox template

Do you have a teacher toolbox yet? These little drawers are really the unsung heroes of classroom organization in my room! Before I had a teacher toolbox, I had paperclips, rubber bands, and other little school supplies EVERYWHERE. All over my desk, in my desk drawers, and random containers all over my room. I’ll be […]

Effective Ways to Teach NG NK Words with Glued Sounds

glued sounds ng nk words ng words ending ng words nk ending words list of ng words final ng words glued sounds word list

Why are ending ng words and nk words so hard for kids? These complex phonics patterns are hard to hear so they can be difficult for our students to read and spell. With a little explicit instruction and some research based methods, your students will be reading and spelling ng nk words like champs! What […]

Outer Space Theme Classroom: Explore a Galaxy of Creativity

space theme for classroom space decorations for classroom space theme classroom outer space classroom theme outer space classroom decor galaxy themed classroom universe space classroom decorations

Are you looking for a fun classroom theme? Let’s venture out to the cosmos where the stars align to create a calming atmosphere that’s perfect for learning! A space theme classroom inspires students to learn more about the solar system and is perfect for teachers that love science. My interest in space began way back […]