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How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

Rainbow Classroom Theme: The Perfect Way To Add Color and Joy to Your Teaching Space!

If you’re looking for a fun classroom theme idea for 2023, keep reading! Decorating a classroom with a rainbow theme can be a fun and easy way to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Rainbow classroom decor is truly timeless and is sure to create a welcoming learning environment you wont need to redesign any time soon. 

Here are some tips on how to decorate your rainbow themed classroom:

The walls are a good place to start in your rainbow classroom theme! Painting your walls with different shades of the rainbow is a great way to add color and energy to the room. Sometimes even just a fun accent wall will do the trick! Make sure you ask permission before you paint the walls in your classroom. 

Adding rainbow colored accents such as rugs, curtains, and cushions can help to tie your rainbow classroom together and add large pops of color in places all over the room. Primary colors aren’t usually too hard to find making the rainbow themed classroom pretty easy to pull off for a busy teacher like you!

Consider rainbow colored furniture such as desks, chairs, and bookcases to add more color to the room. This can be as simple as spray painting something you already have! But again be sure to ask permission before you paint something that belongs to the school.

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

Find some rainbow colored bins, baskets, and shelves to organize and add color to the room. Dollar stores are perfect for matchy matchy bins and baskets! And if they dont have the perfect shade for your rainbow classroom theme, remember that spray paint is your friend!

Make a rainbow themed book display, featuring books with colorful covers or stories about rainbows, to encourage reading and add a visual element to the room.

Rainbow Themed Classroom Bulletin Board Saying Ideas

These sayings can be used as a header or title for your rainbow bulletin board, you can also make it more interactive by adding student’s work or anchor charts. You could make it look more colorful by adding some rainbow themed decor like tissue paper rainbows, clouds, and sun if you’re feeling crafty!

  1. Rainbows of Learning: A Spectrum of Knowledge
  2. Color Your World with Learning
  3. The World is Full of Kind People. If You Can’t Find One, Be One.
  4. A Rainbow of Opportunities Awaits
  5. A Rainbow of Learning Awaits
  6. It’s A Good Day To Learn
  7. Hello Beautiful
  8. A Rainbow of Friends: Celebrating Diversity
  9. In a Sky of Clouds, Be A Rainbow
  10. Wake up and Be Awesome
  11. A Rainbow of Ideas: The Sky’s the Limit
  12. You are a Rainbow of Possibilities: Make Every Day Count
  13. This Classroom is a Rainbow of Possibilities
  14. We are a Rainbow of Possibilities
  15. Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud
  16. Be a Rainbow of Kindness
  17. Color the World With Kindness
  18. Let Your True Colors Shine
  19. We Shine Brighter Together
  20. We are Better Together
  21. Choose Kindness
  22. We Rise By Lifting Others
  23. Get Ready for a Colorful Year
  24. Everyone is Welcome Here
  25. Never Give Up
  26. You Can Do Hard Things
  27. When It Rains, Look for the Rainbows
  28. Read the Rainbow

Use Printable Rainbow Classroom Decorations

Easily transform your classroom with this rainbow themed classroom decor pack! I’ve designed this rainbow classroom decor with everything you need to set your elementary classroom. So much more is included than what’s pictured. There are many editable pieces so you can customize them to your needs and get creative!  

These fun rainbow themed classroom banners will allow you to create amazing displays for your bulletin boards or to divide your classroom into different work areas. The possibilities are endless! 

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

Create a rainbow themed bulletin board display with classroom posters. These rules posters are editable to fit your needs. But get this… You can create ANY posters or classroom signs you need. You dont have to use them just for rules and expectations!

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

Use rainbow colored name tags or labels on student desks or cubbies and classroom supplies to add a touch of your rainbow theme  and organization to the room. This set comes with blank editable labels to create any type of classroom label you might need!

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

You’ll love this bright word wall kit for your rainbow themed classroom! It comes with over 200 sight words ready to print and editable cards to make your own as you need. You can also create your own letter tags if you want to add special sections to your sight word wall like silent letters or digraphs. 

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

One must have for any classroom is a visual schedule. These are great for helping students manage their time and staying on track. Experts even recommend visual schedules as a useful tool to reduce anxiety because they know what’s coming next. This daily schedule display comes with word cards, clock face cards, and digital time cards to reinforce the concepts of time your students have been taught. 

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

I love how these rainbow teacher binder covers turned out! They’re so bright and colorful. Keeping my important papers in binders has really helped keep my classroom organized. There are 40 different styles of rainbow themed classroom binder covers and spines for you to customize!

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

My students love our interactive classroom calendar wall! Changing out the weather cards, talking about the date, months of the year, days of the week, special events and birthdays is a great way to begin every morning. 

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

Have your students help you keep the classroom neat and tidy with this jobs chart display! 

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

These bright number posters have ten frames and the written number. I love how often my students refer to the number posters in my room. Sometimes they’re looking to see how to spell the number word, sometimes they’re using it to add or subtract. I am always grateful I have them on display! 

How To Create A Rainbow Classroom Theme

Read this post for tips and tricks to get the most of your printable classroom decor packs!

Decorating an elementary classroom with a rainbow theme can be a fun and easy way to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere for both students and teachers and setup your classroom for success. I hope this post helps you create a beautiful classroom that will inspire you and your students all year long!

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