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retro classroom decor for teachers classroom theme ideas for teachers tie dye classroom theme classroom decoration ideas

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers

Are you searching for the best classroom theme or classroom decoration ideas? This tie dye classroom theme has to be the most bright and colorful way to decorate a classroom I’ve ever seen! I am in love with all of the groovy back to school classroom organization ideas! Just like rainbow classroom decor this is such an easy color scheme to use for decorating because there are SO MANY COLORS! 

This popular classroom theme idea will have your students excited to come to school whether they are in elementary school, middle school or high school! You just can’t help but smile when you walk into a classroom this unique and bright! I can almost guarantee that no one in your building will have this classroom decoration theme.

Tie Dye Bulletin Board or Door Decoration Ideas

I really love how the bright colors pop on a black background. So I tend to use black fabric or paper for the bulletin board background. White is also a good choice and super easy to come by. The busyness of the tie dye swirls can easily become overwhelming and distracting in classroom decor. Bold pops of color with tissue paper pom poms, tassel garlands, and fans are ALWAYS a good move in a tie dye or rainbow classroom theme! The party section at the Dollar Tree is my go to spot for these!

Bulletin Board Banner Ideas or Door Decor Sayings Ideas

  • Peace, Love, ___ Grade
  • Peace, Love, Learning
  • ___ Grade is Groovy
  • ___ Grade is Far Out
  • Ready for a colorful year
  • Non Fiction Text Features are Groovy
  • These Books Are Far Out
  • Flower Power
  • Learning is Outta Sight
  • Groovin’ into 3rd Grade
  • Retro Vibes

You can replace the key words with anything you’re learning about… decimals, multiplication, punctuation, figurative language. You could even use the mascot of your school! You get the idea!

Groovy Tie Dye Classroom Theme Must Haves

If you are going for a hippie inspired 60’s or 70’s classroom theme, don’t forget to include peace signs and psychedelic flowers. Tie dye tapestries and wall hangings are easy to find too! You can also create your own by tie-dying an old, white sheet. Don’t forget to go to your local thrift stores! They are bound to have some vintage decoration that you can’t live without! (I can just hear my husband rolling his eyes!) Think avocado green chair or bright orange shag rug! YES!

How to Pull it all Together

Pick two or three of your favorite colors from the tie dye to be your main colors. Use those as your accent colors. I used black, pink, and orange. I couldn’t just pick two. Use these for your bulletin board borders, baskets, bins, curtains, and any other classroom decorations you can’t find in your tie dye theme set. 

Pictures of Classroom Decorations Tie Dye Theme

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers

Printable classroom alphabet posters come in plain manuscript, manuscript with pictures, and cursive letters. Editable classroom rules posters come prefilled with 16 subway art style rules that are positively stated!

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers

Editable multipurpose banners! One of my favorite resources! This is just one of the styles! Then we have the almost glowing tie dye editable binder covers to help keep all your teacher paper work organized and stylish! How cool are these!?!

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers

This editable banner goes with the rules poster set above to make a great bulletin board display! And because they’re editable… you can turn them into literally any type of bulletin board display you would ever need! Pictured on the right is an editable daily schedule display. This set comes with digital and analog clocks, 2 bulletin board headers, and lots of options to customize!

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers

Editable behavior clip chart, editable supply labels in literally every size I could think of, and editable birthday bulletin board display. Perfect for your tie dye classroom!

Tie Dye Classroom Theme Retro Classroom Decor for Teachers

Editable classroom jobs chart, editable banner is included. Pictured on the right are calendar numbers. There are many pieces included in the calendar set that are not pictured! (editable banner, today is, yesterday was, tomorrow will be, the year is, the weather is, months of the year, days of the week, 87 pre made special event cards, and much more!)

This tye dye classroom theme set has it all! And the best part is, it’s so easy to edit and print exactly what you need. Need everything? You can grab the bundle! Just need a few pieces to accent what you already have? Awesome! Check it out by clicking on one of the pictures above! You’ll see number posters and a number line, color posters, shapes posters and so much more!

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