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Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

Are you teaching contraction words? Teaching contractions in grammar can be an adventure with the right teaching tools for you and hands on experience for your students to practice making and breaking contractions.

What are contractions in grammar?

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

A contraction word is when two words that usually go together are shortened in form and put together to form a new word. Contraction words usually have an apostrophe. Contractions are used to save us time in writing and in speaking. Another important note is that contractions should not be used in formal writing.

This contraction word pack will help make the learning process engaging and effective for students and save you time with low or no prep resources.

The Power of an Anchor Chart

Anchor charts are the best. I said it. They’re my favorite teaching tool! This contraction words anchor chart serves as a visual aid to reinforce their understanding. It teaches contraction grammar rules in an easy to understand visual format.

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

Easily introduce contractions in grammar by projecting the digital version of this ready for you anchor chart on your whiteboard for a whole group lesson.

Reinforce contraction words by printing out the anchor chart and posting it at a literacy center or on a bulletin board.

Put the information directly into your students’ hands by using the small anchor chart for their interactive notebooks so that they can access the information when they need it.

Contraction Words Worksheets

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

Worksheets can be engaging and fun. These contractions worksheets are great tools for allowing students to practice what they’ve learned. They include opportunities to practice that progress in difficulty so that you can easily differentiate and have progressive practice.

With these no prep worksheets, you can easily integrate meaningful practice into your lessons without the time consuming hunt for the perfect sheet.

Contraction Words List

A contraction words list is such a valuable tool! Having contraction grammar examples at your fingertips for lesson planning and small group practice time can save you so much time!

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

Fun Contraction Words Games and Puzzles

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

Learning should be fun! Research says that kids retain more with the gamification of activities! Plus, the whole class is excited and motivated when you say “game.”

This contractions pack comes with two games or puzzles depending on how you decide to use them. There are 90 foldable contractions words puzzles and 88 making and breaking contractions puzzles. Just print and cut for literacy centers, small groups, or early finishers.

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

Digital Contractions in Grammar Activities

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

In today’s age, incorporating technology in the classroom is crucial. These interactive Google Slides take the learning experience to the next level by providing an engaging platform for students to manipulate contraction words. Students can explore contractions with drag and drop activities and more.

You can even utilize the research based gradual release of responsibility teaching method by completing a slide or a partial slide together, and then having students work with a partner to complete a little. Then students would work individually on the rest of the slides.

Saving Time on Lesson Planning and Prep

The best part about using this resource is the time it saves you. Lesson planning and prepping activities are time consuming tasks. Having ready for you resources allows you to focus on refining your instruction and providing individualized support to students.

Contraction Words: Everything You Need To Teach Contractions

This resource provides ready made materials eliminating the need to spend hours creating anchor charts, lesson plans, and activities for contraction words.

With this resource, you’ll get consistency through your contraction words unit. The wording is similar on all teaching materials and activities so that students can focus on learning about contractions in writing.

Teaching contraction words can be fun for you and your students with the right set of teaching materials. This set has everything you need to teach contractions with an anchor chart, contraction words list, worksheets, puzzles, games, and interactive digital activities.

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