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How To Help Students Struggling in Math

struggling math students struggling in math learners interventions helping struggling students with math

A lot of teachers have asked me how they can help their students struggling in math. We know that math can be an intimidating subject for many students. There has always been a wide range of abilities in a classroom. Since COVID, it seems like the range is even wider. As teachers, we want to […]

How to Teach Adding and Subtracting with Decimals

add and subtract with decimals adding and subtracting decimals how to add a decimal worksheet for adding and subtracting decimals

This week I am introducing how to subtract and add decimals! We’ve spent quite a bit of time on decimal place value. Teaching elementary students to add and subtract decimals can be a challenge, but it’s an important skill for them to learn. In this blog post, I am sharing a few tips that might […]

How to Teach the Values of Decimal Places

values of decimals places decimal in place value chart worksheet on decimal place value decimals in math decimal place value chart pdf printable

Do your students understand decimal place value? Decimals are a new concept for most of our elementary math students. This can be a tricky concept for kids to grasp, but it’s an important one for them to understand as they continue to work with larger numbers in math. Understanding place value helps our students think […]

How to Help Your Students Solve Two Step Story Problems In Elementary Math

two step word problems story problems math strategies to solve multi step story problems addition subtraction multiplication division

Two step story problems can be so tricky to master, but they are so important. In fact, they are honestly they are probably the most real world math problems your students will encounter in school. Now add in multiple steps and you’ve just created a kids worst nightmare! Many students just look for the numbers […]

6 Essential Tips for How to Setup Math Rotations

math rotations math learning centers math centers math stations math workshop model math center games ideas

How to Setup Math Rotations for Success What does your school call them? Math workshop, math stations, math centers, math rotations? And how do centers work in math anyway? Whatever you call them math centers can be powerful teaching tools in your classroom. I can hear the dreaded sighs now! As elementary teachers, we know […]

How to Teach Bar Graphs in 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade

graphing math worksheets for bar graphs 3rd 4th 5th graphs and charts elementary math interpreting and analyzing data

Teaching Bar Graphs in 3rd 4th & 5th Grade – Graphing In Math Lesson Plan Ideas Teaching graphing in math can be fun because the lessons are so interactive and engaging! Students love to share about themselves and listen to their classmates and collect data to create colorful bar graphs. I love watching their minds […]

Teaching Line Plots in Math for 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade?

line plots fractions line plots worksheets pdf line plots in math 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade Line plots fractions line plots anchor charts graphing anchor charts math anchor charts

If you are teaching graphing or line plots in math, I am sure you’re familiar with the struggle to find engaging and fun ways to help students read and create the dreaded line plot graph! It’s no secret that analyzing and interpreting data can be tricky for kids in 3rd, 4th & 5th grade. Line […]

A Teacher’s Guide To BOOM Cards Learning

A Teacher's Guide To Boom Cards in the Classroom Boom Cards Learning Play Boom Cards Math

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of BOOM Cards. If not, you are really missing out! Boom Cards are digital interactive task cards that give students instant feedback and are hosted online at Read more about why I LOVE them here! These have really changed the way I teach and the way I do […]

10 Reasons I Love Using Boom Cards in My Classroom

Boom Cards Learning Boom Cards Play Boom Cards Math

Have you tried Boom Cards in your classroom yet? I can’t believe I waited so long to try them! I am so excited to tell you about them! I can’t live without them now. Okay, that was a little dramatic. Seriously though, Boom Cards have really upped my teaching game this school year. In this […]