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how to choose class theme classroom decoration ideas for classroom decor

How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme

Your classroom decor theme creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your students. Teachers and students alike love walking into a beautifully decorated classroom that feels like home. But there is SO MUCH to think about that choosing a classroom theme or color scheme. Your classroom decor is so much more than just door decorations and bulletin board displays! It can get overwhelming fast! Don’t let classroom decorations intimidate you! This is the perfect place to get ideas for the best classroom decor! Keep reading for a list of the best classroom themes for 2024. 56 classroom decor theme ideas to be exact!

How do I choose the best theme for my classroom?

Classroom decorations for teachers can turn our our drab classrooms into our happy places. We spend a lot of time in our classrooms, so we need to feel happy and comfortable while we are there. Be sure to chose something that you will LOVE seeing every single day! What are you passionate about? Plants, Cacti, Sunflowers, Rainbow, Farmhouse, Modern, Rustic, Glamorous Glitter, Boho, Black and White, Floral Farmhouse or Country? Making a beautiful classroom takes some effort, but it’s worth it. Find easy ways to decorate your classroom. It’s also important to choose something that is age appropriate for the students you will be teaching. Here are some tips for choosing the best theme for your classroom!

How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme

Look online for pictures of classroom decorations

Check social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest for beautiful classroom decoration ideas and inspiration. Google image search is also a great option for classroom theme ideas. 

While cruising online, you will find 

  • What colors and themes you’re drawn to
  • Ideas for things you may already own
  • Decoration ideas that are age appropriate
  • Systems and routines you might want to create in your classroom for organizing
  • Ways to store classroom and organize classroom supplies
How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme

Choose Functional and Purposeful over Fun and Cutesy 

Leave some blank space to display student work and anchor charts. In my classroom, I decorate one bulletin board specifically for charts we’re currently using for reference. Don’t go overboard with decorations that will end up cluttering precious work space. Remember that every  inch of your classroom doesnt have to be decorated to have a beautiful classroom. You can still have an attractive classroom with simple classroom decorations. Simple classroom decorations leave space for learning and can often be reused if you decide to change your classroom theme down the road. The goal is to choose meaningful classroom decor items to enhance learning, routines, procedures and classroom organization. 

Some functional things to get in your theme or matching colors

  • classroom rules posters
  • supply labels
  • book bins or baskets
  • class jobs chart 
  • daily schedule bulletin board
  • learning objectives display
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What to buy for your classroom?

This is my favorite part! Shopping time! Set a budget and stick to it, or pretty close to it 😉 Consider splurging on a couple of nice pieces or nice sets that will really make you smile every time you see it, like a matching basket set or a bright pink chair. Goodwill is a fantastic place to find random colored furniture! Teachers Pay Teachers is a great place to purchase classroom theme packs that you can edit to fit your needs. Take a sample of your classroom decor with you when you go shopping, like a piece of bulletin board border, a curtain, or a poster… whatever your inspiration is you’re using for your classroom theme. This will help you match colors with ease.  

How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme

You can always add to your classroom decorations. My classroom themes have always been a cumulation of things I’ve built up over time. Every teacher I know has done the same thing! My husband rolls his eyes at me constantly when we cruise by garage sales and I’m craning my neck to scan the goodies. You never know what treasure you might find for your classroom! Teacher’s are always on a budget and you know I love a good bargain!

How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme

Think about what you already have

If it’s the wrong color, maybe you can cover it with contact paper or spray paint it. Teacher salaries don’t go very far so purchasing all new everything every time you want to change your classroom theme is definitely not an option. Think of it as arts and crafts time!

New teachers, my school has an area where teachers that are cleaning out their rooms can put items from their room they no longer want or need. This area is a gold mine for bulletin board paper and bulletin board borders! 

How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme

Family and friends may have unwanted items you can use for your classroom theme, too! Many people purchase decorations for parties and weddings and then don’t need them anymore. These things are often perfect for teachers to use in their classrooms! Plus, you’re helping the environment because these decorations are not going in the landfill.

The Best Classroom Decoration Idea

Make it fun! Make your classroom decor theme or color palette a reflection of you! Weather you’re a new teacher with your first classroom or updating your current classroom, decorating with a classroom theme can be exciting! 

How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme

What are the best classroom themes in 2022?

I’m glad you asked! See whats trending in classroom decor this year! Here is a list of popular classroom themes in 2022

How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme
How to Choose the Best Classroom Theme
how to choose the best classroom theme plant classroom decor theme boho botanical classroom decorations ideas for classroom decor for teachers watercolor classroom theme

I hope this helps you find the best classroom theme for your style and personality!

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